Optimist U-18

 Form 3 (Team Photo)

 Form 3 requires the forwarding of a Team photograph, which we need immediately for inclusion on social media and the event program:

  1 )  The team photo MUST reflect the team in the following order (left to right): SKIP, THIRD, SECOND, LEAD, COACH. Please ensure that the photo is properly identified. 

2)    Make sure there is no advertising in the background and have the players stand shoulder to shoulder facing the camera in matching sweaters / jackets.

The high resolution jpg digital photo (300 dpi) must then be e-mailed along with player ID (left-to-right) to: kevin.malinowski @ gmail.com  within TWO (2) days of your Provincial / Territorial Championships.

You will be contacted if the e-mailed photo is NOT of sufficient quality, in which case alternative arrangements will have to be made.