Optimist U-18


 The Future of Optimist U18

It was announced at the banquet last night that this will be the last year for the Optimist U18 Curling Championship. The Optimist U18 Steering Committee has been working with Curling Canada for many years to establish a U18 national championship. It has been agreed upon at the executive level, and will be voted on by member associations at the AGM this summer, that Curling Canada will henceforth run a Canadian U18 Curling Championship. Upon approval, Curling Canada will take over organization of the event, which will become the national level U18 championship for all Canadian Provinces and Territories. It is hopeful that a World U18 Curling Championship will also be approved shortly.

The Optimist U18 Curling Championship has been a much loved event, and has not only been a fantastic time for all the organizers and followers, but a truly awesome and memorable event for all the junior curlers who have participated. Everyone is sad to see it go, but we are happy to have under 18 curlers recognized at an official national level. We are all excited to continue to provide opportunities for junior curlers to develop and have fun with the sport of curling! 

  • April 4, 2016 Sterring Committee

The Steering Committee had a vision sixteen years or more ago; that there needed to be an under-18 level (and perhaps at least one more), for the development of our sport. That goal is imminent. Over the next few months, the timing and format of a National should become evident.

The Steering Committee deeply appreciates the participation of our partners over the years; especially the Optimist groups and Host Committees that have made these championships memorable. We also applaud all the participants and followers. While this cessation closes a wonderfu capture for the U18 event; a new exciting era begins. Hurry Hard!