Optimist U-18


Dress Standards 

 Dress Standards are provided below only as a guide. 

As this event is not fully sponsored, we will not be enforcing these provisions.  However, we would ask that all Teams including Coaches, have matching uniforms to the extent of matching tops (jackets) and same colour bottoms and at all times wear clothing in good taste.  Blue jeans and the like, are not acceptable during ceremonies, practices, games nor at the banquet.  If baseball caps are worn, they should coordinate with the team uniform colour and style.  All other head gear must be approved by the Head Umpire.  Sponsor cresting is allowed.

Table 1  is provided for your information only, however, the event organizers and supporters would be pleased if your team would follow or observe these dress code guidelines in any way possible. Should any other colour combination be desired, please obtain the approval of the Head Umpire to avoid conflict with other participating teams.


Table 1 








Northwest Territories



 British Columbia  White Royal Blue/Gold
 Alberta Royal Blue Gold/White
 Saskatchewan Kelly Green


 Manitoba White Gold/Brown
 Ontario Black Red/White
 Ontario (Northern) Green Yellow
 Quebec Azure White/Cadet Navy
 New Brunswick Yellow White
 Nova Scotia Blue  White/Magenta
 Prince Edward Island Green White
 Newfoundland Red White
 Japan White Red
 Korea Gold Red
 Alaska White Black
Washington Blue White
North Dakota Blue Red
 Minnesota Maroon Gold
 Michigan Green White
  Wisconsin Red Black
  New York  Blue Gold
  Pennsylvania  Magenta  Gold 
  Maryland Red/White Black/Gold
 Massachusetts Blue Gold
 Connecticut  Azure Blue   Gold/White



All players shall wear matching slacks/kilts that coordinate with their jackets. THIS ALSO APPLIES TO OPENING AND CLOSING CEREMONIES. 


If competitors feel suspenders are necessary, they shall be worn under the jacket or shirt.  Suspenders must not be visible. Any competitor violating the dress code will be suspended until the violation has been corrected. 


Each team will be required to wear their matching on-ice outfits at all times when they are entering the ice area, including opening and closing ceremonies, pre-competition practice, pre-game practice and evening practices. 


Matching on-ice outfits means that the four women shall be dressed in slacks or all in kilts.  The same policy applies to the men.  When slacks are worn, they shall be identical.  For example: stripes/or no stripes, polyester pants or European style pants must match identically. 


If you, or any member of your team, might be removing your outer jackets at any time during any game, then you should have both dark and light shirts to wear underneath.  When your team is throwing dark handled stones, you should wear dark colored shirts and when light handled stones are thrown, white or light colored shirts should be worn.  


The provincial/territorial/state/national dress uniform for specified social functions does not need to be matching team outfits.  However, dress should be in good taste displaying only a provincial/territorial/state/national crest and modest advertising.